• 26Oca

    There’s been a while since I last wrote to the blog. This was more likely, a result of focus loss for the topics I’ve mentioned here so far (heroism, gamification, perfectionizm, etc.) Not about topics, at least I can admit that gamification was an emerging issue when I first heard of it and I believe in some characteristics of the concept. But not the exact point I want to stand because for my perspective serious games seem more likely to be on the way. But it’s utopic to claim that you may transform businesses to playable games at an instant, with the fact that many people don’t either want to play a game or take it too seriously for a possible player.

    Before the bulb shined brightly, I was wandering in a bookstore. People write books on several issues but they stand on a specific area. Name it sales, name it marketing, name it product, name it with specific subjects like procrastination, time management, resiliency, story telling, etc. “But I don’t have it.” I thought just before I pass near a psychotherapy book based on movies. Well, it was giving examples from movies about problematic character examples, about psychiatry issues. Than I was there, I found it. It was character.

    It is character that we’re looking for, either in life, in business or ourselves. It’s character that we become when we play a game, it’s character that we focus or take into consideration as we read a book, watch a movie. Just before it hit me, I was thinking that if I wrote a book, the main character would be myself. I cannot think of anything else. But I have to get over it. And so I thought, why should I not focus on character? Yes, there are values but they are actually used to define a character. Yes, there are stories but they are parts from what one or more characters do.

    In my current job, I try to figure out what kind of character is sitting across me. I need to specify the details just like searching for pieces of a puzzle inside a mess. So I both have and will need tools to outline a character and I need to use several of them in different occasions; thiy maybe during an interview or a benchmark for a specific position.

    The ideas are not shaped yet, but it seems a good point to start from creation of a character and the point of view will probably be more artistic, specifically, as a scenario writer or actor.