• 16Mar

    Welcome experience design. In fact, we have been doing this for some time now. Customer experience, considering what a customer’s been living from his/her entrance to your store until stepping away from the door should be among high rankings for concepts stated out loud. Of course, for non-store structures or conceptual products, we can still focus on experience that’s not been defined that often. As the HR part, I’d like to mention and define Humane Experience.

    All employees are customers of HR departments. So, telling now what I’d tell soon, I find this approach lacking. Yes HR benefits what marketing and customer relations develop, but the relationship between an employee and company is very different compared to a customer’s. What has been experienced as an employee consists full life dependency. Yes this relationship should be sustainable and short-term perspective doesn’t work much out here, just like an employee’s; but you should know more than what directly affects the perception. You, as the HR side should get as much information as you can to predict what possibly distrupts the commitment. What each individual can be disappointed to and what prevents an employee from future plans in his/her current role and/or organization… should be your concern.

    Therefore, this should definitely be approached as an experience, there’s much to do for its measurements and design, and this experience design should be key roles of some HR people. At the moment, this does interest me. Because as a recruiter I envision possible future setups for each candidate and a serious number of them become my colleague after a time. I feel responsible for the promises I give representing my company. Possibly not many people think that this is within my direct responsibility, but a possible scene that my statement for the past events’ being out of my responsibility would probably weaken their trust. And trust, is the main ingredient, flour of cake, about an individual’s intention to stay within the organization. I believe this is as important as any technological advancement on business life.