• 19Nis

    My past notes about gamification was telling things but not visually. This time, I made something for myself only and this seems perfectly-gamified!

    I hate to work on crowded desktops. I feel very uncomfortable, but during times that I decide to clean up the mess, the result was well… A desktop that only has some shortcuts. Ok, so? And I like to change background pictures. While a slideshow of concept cars are cool, I wanted to change it. I thought that if I see a view that reminds me some moments that I forget my whole lifespan, I may feel more cheerful. and this definitely would be a PC game that I like to play a lot. Then I thought about icon adventures because they are the games which I focus on the cursor as much as I focus during work. They are games that are definitely beneficial for me to actually learn something. So I looked for a photo of Guybrush Threepwood wandering around, the guy as whom I love to act in an icon adventure. Well, in fact, there used to be Full Throttle, Grimfandango but Guybrush is a guy that makes you laugh so much.

    So next step was more certain. Why should I see Excel-Word-folder icons on Monkey Island for God’s sake? Won’t this be a desire to escape from work? As a PC user that experienced Windows 95, I am very fond of ico extension. And how different the shortcuts I had could act than a Monkey Islan menu? Well, not much, obviously. My Computer is Settings, my report interface is Examine. I have a folder that I keep any file that occupies me, so this is an inventory of files which can interact with other files, which changes a work result. What’s left; I like to see my projects and to do list. So I thought this could be similar to WoW concept; to do list is missions, projects are long termed missions, can be called as quests. Finally I wanted to put reading archive closed, and this is a library similar to many games that opens an interface that either tells the progress or details about the game.

    So that is my gamified desktop. Next time I’ll probably try Need for Speed or Carmageddon interface, Heroes of Might and Magic or Age of Empires is another good one. By the way, since it doesn’t change the way I work in desktop, I feel quite well compared to the times that I have an ordinary desktop alignment. For full desktop users, I may suggest a concept of Candy Crush Saga or tetris but I cannot quite imagine how this would seem or affect user experience and efficiency.